July 7, 2022
we have all the answers about how to use and apply hair serum

Really want to know the Best use of Hair Serum? Let us demystify it.

What is Hair Serum?

Hair serums are a type of styling product that coats the surface of your hair. They come in different formulas for various hair goals like reduction and protection against frizz or shine, depending on what is needed most from the individual’s routine! Hair serum adds gloss and reduces frizz on the outer layer of the hair.

Hair serum is a silicone-based ( you can choose a non-silicon option too!) product designed for all hair types and textures. It can be used on wet or dry hair, making it ideal for those in between washes when your locks need some extra hydration. Silicone oil will help retain moisture throughout the day while also providing added protection against humidity + pollution!

How to use Hair Serum?

If you’ve ever tried to work a thick hair serum into your locks, then it’s likely that the product can feel just as sticky and heavy in your hands. In order to combat this problem, we recommend warming up the product between our fingers for five-to six seconds so that its consistency breaks down. This will not only make application easier but also ensure more even distribution of of the serum on your hair. Use a brush or wide tooth comb to spread out the product evenly instead of rubbing your hands together and smearing it around on our head like that!

But DON’T over Apply

When it comes to hair, less is more! Don’t use too much serum or your locks will start looking oily. Start with a small amount and gradually work in more only as needed- which might be way better than you think because using the least recommended number of pumps for your hair type is always better. So when all said and done, keep things simple by remembering: a little goes long ways!

How to choose the Right serum for Your Hair Type

First choose the goal for your hair as this will lead you to the Right type of Serum . Yet you may not know the goals right away apart from smooth and non frizzy looks. we have figured out 12 such goals for your hair that will help you achieve the Right look depending on your hair type.

  • If You want: smoothness + shine : this will lead to shine, anti frizz and hydration goals to enhance your hair’s luster, protect against frizz, and ensure that it stays soft and well-nourished.
  • If You want: longer-lasting, more vibrant color  : So color protection and shine hair goals are your priority for which the serum must help lock in your color to prevent dulling, fading, and damage. 
  • if You want strong & healthier hair : The hair goals is to strengthen, fix split ends and deep conditioning your hair that will nourish your hair on an ongoing basis.
  • If you want soft , bouncy curls: In this case your hair goals is to hydrate and increase the curly look of your hair. You will keep your curls moisturized, all the while giving them the added definition and smoothness they need to look at their best.

Can you use Hair Serum on Daily Basis?

When you use a serum on your hair every day, it can weigh down the natural oils of your scalp and lead to greasy hair that is more prone to fly-aways. On occasion though, serums are recommended by experts for special occasions or days when one needs an extra boost in their grooming routine.

But if your tresses are unmanageable and frizzy, use an oil-based serum every day without worry of drying out or damaging your scalp because this is made for everyday wear and gives a adequate level of nourishment that will keep your hair shiny while moisturizing dry ends from breakages!

When to apply hair serum?

To say the least do not use Hair serum on unclean hair. the best way to apply hair serum comes after clean your hair with shampoo and then using a conditioner . Apply your hair serum on your hair hair when it is slight wet after a regular shower and hair wash. This will ensure that the serum locks it adequate moisturizer in your hair all day long and prevent dry & frizzy hair.

How to wash your Hair after using a Hair Serum?

If you’ve applied too much hair serum, it can cause greasiness. Do use a dry shampoo to drive out the greasiness of your hair and keep your hair fabulous.

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