July 1, 2022
Breast massage techniques for increasing your breast size

How to do Breast Massage for increasing size? 4 Easy steps

Women can benefit from breast massages as it keeps their breasts healthy and firm. Breast massage helps increase your cup size. Massaging your breasts can help to make them firmer and healthier, while also helping with hormone balance. When the massage is done properly with a moderate amount of pressure it can help in managing the hormonal balance of a woman’s body.

A woman can perform her own breast massage either while sitting up or laying down, depending on what’s most comfortable for herself. Since this requires the breasts to be exposed it should only take place in private space to avoid discomfort and friction caused by rubbing against skin.

4 Steps Breast Massages for Growth

 The first step involves applying some massage oil to the fingers and massaging your breast in a circular motion, starting from the center of your chest towards underarm area. Start with light pressure at this point since it will build up as you go along!

The second step is massaging the breast. With both hands, after you have applied on your breast , knead it gently as you lift your breasts from the body. With both hands supporting the breast , twist the flesh gently.

The third step is to use the flats of your fingers and try scooping out all of the fibers on your breast with as much gentleness as possible. Start in a clockwise motion, then counterclockwise.

The final step of this four-step massage is to smooth the muscles of both breasts with your fingertips, starting from the center and working downward. This cooling phase can help firm up sagging skin in an effective way.

After massaging both breasts, make sure that you drink plenty of water because proper hydration post-massage is important too!

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Precautions of doing the Breast Massage Right

When giving a breast massage, it is best to use minimal pressure and do the massaging yourself. This way you can control the pain or discomfort that could happen when receiving this kind of breast massage treatment from someone else.

Breast Massage Benefits

A massage can be used as an alternative to surgery for breast enhancement. It has the potential to help breasts grow bigger, tone and shape. This is because it helps promote growth of tissue while also toning up muscles in the area around nipples, which could make your breasts look more perky or rounder depending on what you’re going for!

Not only can regular massage therapy help improve the appearance of your bust line, but it may even save your life. Regular massages mean a keen understanding of your breast so if an unknown change occurs like an abnormal mass then further evaluation might happen sooner.  As you will become more aware of your breasts you will feel any sort of lump or cyst that make develop over time.

As we all know, earlier diagnosis and treatment generally means better outcomes when fighting for our lives against cancers such as those found in the breasts or associated with them.

Breast massage Lymphatic Drainage

Breast massages are beneficial for women of all ages. They can be used as a means to break down scar tissue, stimulate healing and aid in the growth process after mastectomies or other surgery on the breast area. Breast massage helps to heal the lymphatic system and tissues , that can block the hormones (like estrogen) that helps in breast enlargement.

For many women in Asia, breast massages are a part of their culture. Women claim that not only does it make the breasts feel good but also increases self-esteem and gives them peace of mind much like other types of massage do. Even though there is no scientific evidence to support this practice, Thai government encourages these massages as means for promoting overall health and wellness including better looking bust lines with less sagging skin due to aging or breastfeeding.

To further stimulate the breasts into “expanding, firming and toning”, women who enjoy regular breast massages use herbal serums and creams. These help to create an overall look of fullness by lessening sagginess in their busts.

The following things should be taken care of while doing a Breast massage:

  • You can reduce friction and prevent dryness by using a cream or lubricant while massaging your breasts. Herbal mixtures are recommended because they create healthier breast tissue as well! Using chemical-based formulas will only put more toxins in the body, so it defeats the purpose of massage. To promote lymphatic flow during this activity, use gentle back and forth motions with light to moderate pressure–and do them counterclockwise for best results
  • In order to get best results of massage, it is recommended that you do it every day. Try to do it after a shower when the body has just been washed and feels smooth & tender. Never do such massage during stress. Try to feel relaxed and bring positive vibes in your mind while doing a Breast massage procedure.
  • Massage done right like this will reduce the friction and pain during the early days of massage.
  • If you can find the time in your schedule, then consider massaging more than once. It doesn’t take very long and it could increase its benefits.

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