May 19, 2022

Garmin Enduro – latest smartwatch with 65 days battery

The trend of using smartwatch has increased in recent times. Almost every week, one or another brand is launching this type of modern watch. A new smartwatch called Garmin Enduro has entered the market, which will recharge itself by solar charging. Not to mention that this smartwatch has features like 75 days battery life, multisport mode, fitness tracking, etc., which will help the users in living a active and fit life. Let’s take a look at the specifications, prices and availability of this new Garmin Enduro smartwatch.

Price and availability of Garmin Enduro smartwatch

The steel variant of Garmin’s new smartwatch is priced at $ 799.99 (approximately Rs. 58,300 in Indian prices) and the Titanium version is priced at $ 899.99 (approximately Rs. 65,800). The smartwatch is currently available for purchase on the manufacturer’s US website. However, no information has been released yet about when it will be launched in non-US markets.

Specification of Garmin Enduro Smartwatch

First of all, this Garmin Enduro smartwatch has a 1.4-inch Transformative Memory-in-Pixel (MIP) display with a screen resolution of 260 × 280 pixels; This display will be easily visible in sunlight. The smartwatch also has Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) support for GPS, GLONASS and Galileo connections. Not only that, it also has an altimeter, barometer and a three-axis electronic compass. There is also optical heart rate technology and pulse oximetry sensor for user health tracking.

According to the manufacturer, this smartwatch is designed specifically for athletes and fitness-loving people. This watch will be very helpful for those who often do cycling, biking, running or mountain trekking. Because Garmin Enduro tracks the user’s workout time, as well as it records sleeping hours or rest times. It also has two special training modes like VO2 Max and ClimbPro. In addition, it is known to be able to give some health related instructions to the user.

Speaking of other key features, the smartwatch has a special solar charging lens called Power Glass which increases the battery life of the device by collecting solar energy. Once fully charged, it provides 60 hours of battery life (with GPS mode on). It is claimed that it will run for 60 hours continuously through solar power. In this case, users will get 75 days of battery life with the help of this special charging technology. Moreover, using its inbuilt battery saver watch mode, the battery life can be extended up to one year.

Note that this smartwatch is compatible with both Android and iPhone phones and devices can be connected to each other using the Garmin Connect application.

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