May 19, 2022
realme motion activated light

No more fumbling while looking for a light switch inside dark rooms- Realme Motion Activated Lights

Do you search out for the light switch board while going to pee late at night? sometimes you even stumble upon a bedside chair or table . do your old parents find it difficult to reach out to the switch board late night?

Not anymore . Realme is just going to launch motion activated lights on 24th Feb. This is a revolution in the Indian lighting market . These lights can be setup not only inside the room but also on your refrigerator, inside closet where we do not find adequate light to search for a particular dress. Click on this LINK to get to the Realme Motion Activated Lights.

These are the following features are loaded in this smart Light to enhance it’s effectiveness:

  • Infrared Motion Detection
  • 365 days battery life
  • 2800K warm yellow light
  • Dual Brightness adjustment mode
  • Automatic Light sensor
  • Eye friendly diffused light
  • Auto off in 15s
  • 120 deg detection

Recommended placements of Realme Motion Activated Lights : Refrigerators , Closets, Corridors, Staircases

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