May 19, 2022
reon pocket 2 - wearable AC by Sony launched

SONY launches wearable AC REON Pocket 2

The fatigue and uncomfortable days in Summer will go away with the new launch of a wearable AC REON Pocket 2 by Sony corporation. This Wearable Pocket AC can keep your body cool even in outdoors. Sony has launched the successor of REON Pocket , which was launched last year. Although there is no difference between the design of the previous & new version model, REON POCKET 2 is more efficient in keeping your body cooler and absorb more body heat . Interestingly, it will also be able to keep your body warmer in cold temperatures. Such dual functionality can help both in Summers and Winters.

REON Pocket 2 details

Sony has quoted that REON POCKET 2 can be easily controlled through an App. If you talk about more advantages, the pocket AC is seat resistant too. As a result, you can enjoy comfort when doing exercises or walking outdoors. The heating and cooling element attached to or body is made up of stainless steel SUS316L.

This device has a dimension of 54 X 20 mm having a weight of 92 gms only, that is available in Japan.

This device became popular with its 1st launch, last year. Sony has informed that in a week of launch, REON Pocket has done RS. 4.6 crore in sales. Both the REON POCKET & REON POCKET 2 are the creations ofSony Startup Acceleration Programme. They are actually a creative idea of ​​the organization in terms of small startup and business operations.

REON POCKET 2 Air Conditioner can be worn with a special type of Inner Wear, but Sony is trying to use it with any clothes that it can be used with any dress, which will eventually increase its popularity. REON POCKET 2 Air conditioner price is about 14,450 Yen ( $138) . Unfortunately, this device will be available only for Japan as of now.

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