May 19, 2022
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The Science of Persuasion- CXL Minidegree – #1

Do you ask yourself why the Product/Service websites of a similar Product category are different in Color scheme, call to action and Content in spite of being similar in product offering?

have you wondered why do some websites sell more than the rest 99% across a similar product category?

Why amazon has more sales volume than its closest competitor?

I was researching why such phenomenon happens and the underlying propositions that guide these design principles of such successful websites.

Guess what? I came across the Minidegree program of CXL , which is a scholarship program which let you take up any one of the highly specialized courses among the following :

  • Technical Content marketing
  • Technical marketing
  • Conversion optimization
  • Digital Analytics
  • Digital Psychology & persuasion
  • Growth marketing

I feel this is a great starting point for a journey by a knowledge hungry digital Marketer. I was actually looking for such high quality courses from any of the best institutes out there globally. But as these courses come directly from an internationally acclaimed agency it gives you more power.

I happen to choose the most important topic as far as my idea is concerned i.e. digital Psychology & persuasion frameworks that goes deep into important topics of human psychology and persuasion techniques, neuromarketing and applied behavioral psychology.

This specializations has about 22 chapters and a final assessment to get certified by CXL. To start with this scholarship program you have to send a write-up to CXL team as in why you are interested to pursue the course. Finally I am grateful to the entire CXL family who have given me this opportunity to learn.

My thoughts about this Program

I was looking forward to high quality content about Digital marketing and to better my understanding I was looking for something related to theories or guiding principles for driving optimized results on the online world. This course truly stands to its promise of churning out pure gold.

Exploring Week 1 learning while making sense of it

The 1st week lessons are geared towards understanding People & Psychology. its covers various topics like:

  • Cialdini’s 7 Principles of Persuasion
  • Fogg behavior model
  • lessons from neuromarketing
  • A Big list of Persuasion techniques
  • Cognitive biases
  • emotional & rational decision making
  • How people view websites
  • Ecommerce Product page study
  • Cognitive fluency

Cialdini’s 7 Principles of Persuasion deals with the most notable of psychologist Robert Cialdini’s from his book “Influence” where he has described on 7 Persuasion techniques that work with people. They are:

  • Reciprocity
  • Commitment
  • social proof
  • Scarcity
  • Liking
  • Authority
  • Unity

Reciprocity, in modern world deals with the idea of returning favor in return of a favor. people generally like to return the favor of someone by giving discounts or concessions. Hence various online service offers a limited time offer which keeps the user hooked to the service for a certain time and make him feel emotionally connected via a favor. for which in return of the god favor people buy the service.

Commitment, leads to fulfilling of the human need of being consistent. We people feel committed to fulfil the commitment that is made by us. Hence we see various online forms are broken down is small parts which anyone starts filling us creates a consistency effect, thereby fulfilling the online registration process. example are educational institute, ecommerce, banking services etc

Social proof, deals with the phenomenon of people replicating & doing the actions that other people do in large numbers. This theory is grounded in the experiments done about activity of people in confined places, workplaces where people work late, airport baggage claim. In online world social proof can be provided via buyer count, testimonials. It works best when it comes from familiar, respected or liked personalities. hence we see bathing soap ads in India like Dettol.

Authority, comes up from the fact that people likes to accept the fact ascertained by a authoritative person. hence we see international players, doctors, chefs endorse Brands related to their personal field.

Liking, happens as people like a certain personality and somehow relates to the personality due to some traits.We like people who are similar to us. We like people who pat us, and we like people who co-operate as well as work with us towards a certain goal. Liking is a cool thing that you can use to increase conversions, and it is certainly usable. Here’s a couple of ways you can do it. Hence the About Us page of your website can be so important to establish the connect with your prospective buyers by touching upon the important personality traits of your Brand with the target customers.

Scarcity, creates a sense of urgency among the prospective buyers for a particular set of product of service. hence we find limited time offer of flat discounts that work really well. we also see such scarcity based marketing via launch of Limited edition of cars, furniture, watches and other luxury items. yet there can be 2 types of scarcity : 1. Quanity & 2. Time. This rule of scarcity is implemented by which offers last min deals or almost sold out properties.

Unity, leads upto the shared values of a Brand with its customers. The unity theory can be propagated by the following ways like: Using specific & unique jargons by the group of customers, Creating exclusivity by making & promoting a user/buyer group, Defining the “out group” by defining the status-quo, invoking the family ties and finally co-creating or sharing an experience across the Digital channels.

Marketing and psychology are inextricably related. Without the knowledge of the latter, the former does not function. When I started to delve into the world of digital marketing, without an understanding of consumer behavior and psychology. I found that no amount of technological information about marketing tools could yield great results. This is where CXL program comes into picture.

I have picked up this program first among other available important topics for the sole reason of being able to know the psychology and persuasion framework that drives results . Buyer psychology & journey can be the most important deciding factors of online marketing. i intend to drive excellent results of online sale by optimizing the resources that are available in this framework.

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