May 16, 2022
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Bright & Blemish Free Skin with a Single Serum (Attractive :1+1 Offer)

Who doesn’t want Bright complexion and Blemish Free skin. Ayurveda has the right solution to fulfill your desire.

Today I will reveal a unique serum that can do wonders in – Brightening Your Skin as well as reducing Blemishes.

You have heard of Natural ingredients like – Saffron & Mulberry root.

Saffron – helps fight UV radiation ,reduces inflammation and fights hyperpigmentation.

Mulberry Root extracts – is a high performance skin cae natural ingredients. Apart from inducing collagen production of your skin , it helps in brightening skin complexion and lightening of scars, acne marks. Due to high anti-oxidant presence in Mulberry , it fights aging too.

Two other secret ingredients that boost the performance of Saffron and Mulberry is – Hyaluronic Acid and Hydrolyzed Yeast extracts.

Hyaluronic Acid (Aquasurge) – the secret sauce of many beauty products is an important part of Collagen that locks in moisturizer on our skin. As you age the production of collagen gets reduced. hence these days hyaluronic acid is found in serums.

Hydrolyzed Yeast (TruGlow) extract benefits – are in reducing your Blemishes that make you over conscious at times. Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein, also known as yeast extract, is derived from an acidic or enzymatic hydrolysis process. Hydrolyzed Yeast Protein is a true multi-tasker. First, it contains essential amino acids and small peptides which work to brighten the skin by targeting melanocytes that produces melanin thus darkening skin complexion. Secondly, it contains a unique mixture of flavonoids, sugars, vitamins, and amino acids which allow it to function as a multi-tasking conditioning agent.

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