May 19, 2022
take care of succulents in extreme heat

4 Tips to Deal with Succulents in Extreme Heat

One of the things that people love about growing succulents is that they can be very low-maintenance and they don’t have to water them all the time .But it doesn’t work well in areas that get extremely hot weather. in this article I’m going to tell you few different tips that will help you keep your Succulents alive in hot weather . I have a surprising tool that I discovered that will help you to keep succulents wet a bit longer without causing their roots to rot. Not all succulents are going to do well in areas that get a lot of heat so you’ll want to find succulents that do adapt well to hot weather.

Let’s talk about a few tips that will help ensure that your succulents look great even during those especially hot times of year .

#Tip No. 1 is Water. When you’re watering your succulents outdoors in an area that gets a lot of sunlight and get really hot temperatures you want to make sure you’re watering in the coolest part of the day, which is usually early in the morning . Watering your Succulents in the afternoon when the sunlight gets hotter it will actually give your plants some stress that will cause them to rot. It is a little bit surprising but succulents just don’t like to be really wet when it’s really hot outside. When you water your succulents in the morning it allows them to absorb the water that they need and it keeps their roots cool so that in the afternoon they can focus on just surviving that heat and they don’t have to worry about taking water.

#Tip No.2 – is to remember that you also want to plant larger succulents in areas that are exposed to a lot of sunshine and a lot of heat. Now you can plant succulents in cooler times of year as long as they’re not going to be exposed to frost and then let them gradually acclimate to those warmer temperatures. A succulent that’s five or six inches in size is going to acclimate a lot better to the heat then it’s succulent that’s about two inches. Make sure your succulents have a really deep and strong root system before the hottest times of year. It is really crucial . Something that you can do to help your succulents transition if you are planting them in a hottest time of year is to cover them with shade cloth. You’ll want to keep in mind though that shade cloth does block out a lot of sunlight and so your Succulents may begin to stretch a little bit underneath the shade cloth. But thats ok.

#Tip No. 3 – is to avoid sunlight during the hottest times of day .You can imagine sitting out in  the bright sunlight in the middle of the day and just feeling like you’re roasting . Your succulents are gonna feel the same way .They will really benefit from that shade in the afternoon providing just a couple degrees cooler temperature and it’ll really help them stay looking better and longer. Placing smaller plants next to a larger plant can help provide some natural shade and this is going to be especially helpful in the afternoons again.

#Tip No. 4 – is actually to water your succulents more often in the cooler times of year. The soil doesn’t dry out as quickly so your succulents can go longer without water but in the hot times of year your soil is going to dry out really fast and that means your succulents are also not going to have access to water as long so you still want to use this soak and dry method . If you’re soaking the soil completely with water and letting it dry out before you water again but you may find that you’re watering every other day or every three to four days .Whereas in the winter you might have been watering every other week.

I discovered a really awesome tool to help keep your succulent soil wet without causing problems like rotting and that is a water globe. I wouldn’t suggest to put these everywhere in your yard but if you have any succulents that gets especially dry and you’re noticing it has a lot of problems during the hot times of year using a water globe can help keep the soil cool and prevent you from having to water over and over. The water from the globe will seep down into the soil as needed rather than keeping the soil wet and soggy for a long period of time . If you’re growing succulents in an area that’s gonna get a lot of sunlight and a lot of heat make sure you follow these tips to ensure that your succulents stay looking great even during the hottest times of year. If you found this article to be helpful be sure to give some comment below.

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