May 19, 2022
phone slowing down

How to stop your phone slowing down

Know which App is Slowing down your phone by this method

Is your phone slowing down? We use of smartphones is increasing day by day. With a smart phone you can get and process so many information at your fingertips. Generally we use various apps everyday that help us with a lot of info. However, these apps can affect the storage and speed of the smartphone. For this, nowadays 12 GB to 16 GB RAM is provided in smartphones. But high RAM phones are still unaffordable to many users. In that case, it is important to delete the apps that are taking up extra space as low memory space is the main reason of your phone slowing down. It will increase your phone memory and work fast with increase in Battery life. But how will you know which App is creating memory issue in your phone? Today we will tell you that method.

In most cases, social media apps like Facebook and Instagram consume most of the battery and RAM and your phone slowing down.

Steps to find out the App which is consuming most of your Phone memory and App:

First go to phone settings.
Now tap on storage or memory.
Then in the storage list you will see which app is using the most space in your phone. In this list you will see the share of internal memory.
Then tap on Memory used by apps.
his list will show you the App usage data at 4 different intervals(3 hours, 6 hours, 12 hours and 1 day).
This way you will know which app is using the most RAM.
Once you get this data you can see which App is using most of your phone resource.

yet your phone may slow down if the internal memory of your phone is Full. Make sure that the internal memory of the phone is a little empty. This will increase the speed of your phone. Last tip is to restart your phone once a day.

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