May 19, 2022
keep your number secret in whatsapp

Secret ways to open a Whatsapp Account by not revealing your actual Contact Number.

In the age of WhatsApp, Messenger, personal communication happens in a matter of secs. Though the advantages as well as the disadvantages of this are not few. Most important is our privacy. So everyone wants to enjoy the benefits of easy communication as well as protect their privacy. Many of us who use social networking sites, do not want to reveal their phone numbers. However, if you want to use WhatsApp, you must have a phone number. So, in this report we are going to give you Secret ways to open a Whatsapp Account by not revealing your actual Contact Number. We assure if you read this article and implement it, your privacy will be much more secure from now on.

I have already said that a contact number is required for WhatsApp account. In this case we can use our landline number in addition to mobile number. Besides, many people may not know that it is possible to open a WhatsApp account using a virtual number. If you open an account using this virtual number, our personal number will not be made public. Let’s quickly learn about both these methods.

WhatsApp activation via TextNow App:

In the First case, you need to know what is a virtual phone number. We can receive calls and receive messages through virtual phone numbers as well as real numbers. There are multiple trusted and free virtual phone number providers on the Internet. We will use TextNow app to demonstrate this privacy safe way. “Textnow” gives the facility to open a free account.

When you open a new account, TextNow will give you five free phone numbers. These can be based in the United States or Canada. It is very easy to create a WhatsApp account using these. For this you first need to download the WhatsApp application. If you already have the app installed on your device, uninstall it first. Then choose any number provided by TextNow and register on WhatsApp. In this case, remember that you have to choose the country code according to the free virtual number (US / Canada). Keep the TextNow app running in the background during the registration process.
WhatsApp will then send the security OTP code to your number as expected. But in this case you have to wait until the OTP expires. After selecting the ‘call me’ option for OTP verification, a missed call will come to your virtual number. Then you will get a voicemail in TextNow app. Now open the audio message and listen to the OTP code given by you. Once you know the verification code, you need to follow the rest of the general procedure for activating a Whatsapp Account.

WhatsApp activation via landline number

  1. To use the landline number, download the Whatsapp Business app instead of the regular WhatsApp application.
  2. Then you need to register a valid landline number. To do this, first enter the country code of India (+91) and then enter the landline number with the STD code. Remember that in this case you have to omit the beginning of the number ‘0’. In other words, if your landline number is 033-6225 xxx4, you will enter + 91337225xxx4.
  3. Then when your OTP SMS expires, click on the ‘call me’ option for verification.
  4. After receiving the call and knowing the OTP, enter it and follow the rest of the procedure. This allows you to use the WhatsApp Business App using a landline number.

The biggest problem with using WhatsApp using a landline number is that you have to add the contact list manually. However, in this case, your privacy will be much more secure. Moreover, you will get the benefits of automated reply and advanced message management.

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