May 19, 2022
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Telegram brings a host of new features including search filters to WhatsApp

Currently, WhatsApp’s strongest competitor is Telegram. This cloud based application has more than 5 million active users in India. Along with messaging, large size files can be sent through this platform. Not only that, but cyber security researchers think that Telegram is more secure than WhatsApp. Now some more new features have been added to this app.

In order to compete with WhatsApp, Telegram has come up with the latest update on the first day of the month. This new update has added a bunch of new features including Search Filters, Anonymous Admins, Channel Comments. It is thought that these new features will further strengthen Telegram’s position as an alternative application to WhatsApp. Let’s learn more about these new features.

First of all let’s talk about the ‘Search Filters’ feature. According to the company’s recent blog post, users can easily find media, links, files, etc. through new search filters. For example, to search for links shared on a specific date, users simply have to type in that date (September 30 or Yesterday). In the blink of an eye the application will display all the results in front of the user. In addition, users will see a filter by the name of a person, group, channel, etc. These filters will also allow you to search for messages or links with specific words.

The second feature is Anonymous Group Admins. This feature allows group admins to keep their identities secret. This new tool is being launched to avoid disturbing situation on social media. This feature enables admins to enable Batman mode, to hide their names from the rest of the group.

Then let’s talk about the Channel Comment feature. From now on, Telegram’s discussion channel or group post will have a comment button like Facebook. This allows group members to express their comments. To enable this feature, go to Channel Settings and click on ‘Discussion’ option. In addition, if a user is not a member of the channel’s discussion group, they will be able to express their views through a new chat option called Reply.

Other features:

In addition to the above features, Telegram has introduced some new features including new animations. Users, for example, will be able to expand or hide their keyboard. In addition, separate theme switch options for day and night, account switcher, pop up when deleting messages, save media, change notifications, etc. Not only that, it is known that Telegram is now trying to animate every emoji.

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