May 19, 2022
old mobile exchange

Before selling Old Mobile , do these 4 things

Selling old mobile to third party or exchange with new handsets is a risky affair. The average lifespan of a smartphone is 3-4 years, i.e. 3-4 years. A smartphone can be used without any problem. But say product culture or say technology addiction, most people have not used a smartphone so far. Smartphone technology changes every year. Every year new features come to the smartphone, which makes it no longer willing to use the old phone. The number of users who have been upgrading to smartphones since 2016 has been steadily increasing. Sometimes it happens that five-six months after buying a smartphone, we choose another smartphone, so we sell the old phone in exchange. But before exchanging or selling old mobile, we need to be careful about certain things, otherwise our information could fall into the wrong hands.

If you are an Android or iOS user, you should delete all data before replacing your smartphone. If you do not sell the smartphone by factory reset or data wipe, your personal information will be in the hands of those who will use the exchanged smartphone. Today we will talk about what you should keep in mind before exchanging or selling your old smartphone.

Data backup

Before replacing your old smartphone, you need to back up your smartphone’s data so that your contacts or other personal data can be used on the new smartphone without the risk of data loss.

Data backup for Android users

If you’re an Android smartphone user, you’ll need to use a Gmail or Google Account to back up your smartphone’s data. All you have to do is go to the settings of your smartphone and search for the ‘System’ option. In System Options you will find Data Backup Options. There you can backup data using your Gmail account.

Contact List backup

If you want to backup contacts separately, go to phone settings and tap on account option. Then you will get Sync option in the account. You can sync contacts by tapping there. After you sync the account, all your contacts will be linked to your Gmail account.

Photo & Video backup

Our mobile generally contain valuable memories like Photos and videos of special moments. Photo and Video information can be backed up separately. You can back the entire photo and video on the removable memory card or online via google photos or G-drive. keeping two backups can save you from the hassle of external drive corruption.

Data backup for iOS users

If you are an iPhone user, the data on your smartphone will be backed up to iCloud. To back up data you need to go to settings option and tap in place of your name. Then you can go to iCloud Backup and turn on Daily Backup. You need to tap on Back Up Now to get a quick backup. This way all the data on your smartphone will be backed up. You can back up your contacts to Gmail or Google Drive if you wish.

Factory reset- Stay assured nobody gets your data

It is important to do a factory reset on your smartphone after backing up the data. Your phone should be exchanged only after a factory reset. To perform a factory reset on a smartphone, go to the phone’s settings option and tap on system. After tapping on the system you will get the option of factory reset. If you tap this option Erase all data here, the factory will be reset. This way the account linked to your smartphone will be removed and the phone will be as empty as before. Then if you want to exchange or sell the smartphone there will be no risk of data theft from the phone.

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