July 7, 2022
Kids Brain Development games for 3-6 years age

5 Amazing Brain Development games for Your Kids (Age 3-6 years)

Are you looking for kids educational games that will keep your children from getting bored? If so then you’ve come to the right place. Here you’ll learn some of the best and most educational games for kids that will stimulate their brains and help them develop at a rapid pace. Read on to discover more.

Kids’ Educational Games and Websites For Kids: Skillmatics introduces brain development games that are designed to boost your brainpower, cognitive ability, attention and even your creative abilities, with the ultimate objective of enhancing the overall performance of all important daily tasks. In fact, studies have shown that basic education for kids is critical in boosting brain function, and the best way to achieve that is through cognitive activities that will teach them how to process information correctly and learn new things. Games that enhance cognitive ability and brain function are ideal for this.

The current trends in educational technology show that games can help improve many areas of learning, from the cognitive ability to social skills. And there are also studies that show that kids who play computer games perform better in school as well. This is because kids tend to learn and apply what they learn in a more logical and organized manner. This is unlike when they are exposed to educational games that allow them to think for themselves and creatively solve problems. In other words, computer games are excellent for enhancing creativity. In fact, one scientist has even discovered that it is the creative children who score higher on standardized tests.

Brain Development Games



Skillmatics Preschool Champion Reusable Activity Mats

Skillmatics Preschool Champion- Reusable Activity Mats


  • 17 highly engaging and repeatable activities

  •  LEARNING OUTCOMES - The Alphabet, Number Names, Count and Add, Time and Routines, Colours and Shapes, Animals, Me and My Family, Vehicles, Fruits and Vegetables

5833 ratings on Amazon

Skillmatics aNIMAL kINGDOM

Skillmatics Animal Kingdom (3-6 Years)

  • 15 Highly engaging and repeatable activity Mats

  • Includes 6 double-sided activity mats, 2 skilly billy magnetic pens, 1 duster cloth and 1 skilly billy achievement certificate

  • Key skills - creative thinking, focus and attention, reading and comprehension, logical reasoning, spatial reasoning

5663 ratings on Amazon

Skillmatics Interactive stories for kids

Skillmatics Interactive Stories (3-6 Years)

  • 12 Highly engaging and repeatable activities based on Kids Stories

  • Smart Kids need smart stories alongwith cognitive learning based on patterns & colors

  • Key learning outcomes - important morals, vocabulary building, drawing and doodling, opposites, patterns and sequencing, numbers 1-40 and counting

5000 ratings on Amazon

Skillmatics I Can Write Activity mats

  • These Mats are easy to clean and makes the writting experience of your Kids really fun

  • Innovative content which is age appropriate, skill oriented and gives confidence to your Kids

  • the Key outcomes with this activity set are - Patterns and strokes, alphabet and numbers, writing words, colors and shapes, body parts, calendar planning, creating sentences

4885 ratings on Amazon

skillmatics Albhabet writing Big small

  • Alphabets are the very first things that our Kids learn

  • Books and excercise books can be boring to the Kids

  • This colorful Practice Book gives Your Kids the perfect way to learn the Alphabets playfully

5003 ratings on Amazon

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