May 16, 2022
dry skin care routine

Best Dry skin Care Routine for 2021-22

As winter season is on, you are one of those who feel it is next to impossible to deal with dry and flaky skin throughout the day? If you are battling with dry skin and want perfect dry skin care in 2021-22 then you have come to the right place. 

Generally, dryness happens when the skin does not have all the water or naturally occurring oils. Dry skin has its unique needs depending on its type, texture, concerns, etc.

Keep on reading this blog to discover how you can do dry skin treatment using the perfect daily skincare routine.

  3 vital problems that people face due to dry skin

  1.  Atopic dermatitis (eczema): Excessive dryness can exacerbate this condition, causing inflammation, redness, and cracking.
  2. Infections: Cracked skin is an entry point for bacteria, which leads to infection.
  3. Harsh soaps and detergents. As they are formulated to remove oil, many popular soaps, detergents and shampoos strip your skin of moisture.

Phytoceramide: The top-secret bio-chemical to get moisturized and glowing skin                                                    

The term “phytoceramide” refers to ceramides that are found in plants. Ceramides are lipids (oily substances) found in the outer layers of the skin. They act as a barrier and help retain the moisture of the skin.

It’s reasonable to think of ceramides as the mortar that holds the skin barrier together – 50%. They contribute greatly to the health and radiance of your skin – at least until they stop nourishing it. When looking at wrinkles and dry skin, you should consider the loss of ceramides as the cause.

Why Hyaluronic acid is a boon for dry skin?

As a result of hyaluronic acid retaining moisture inside the skin, it helps reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Your skin is protected and hydrated and can produce more skin cells since the skin isn’t fighting for its share of moisture. 

What are the premium dry skin care products in 2021?

To get soft and supple skin, it is extremely crucial to choose the best dry skin care products. If you are looking for the best dry skin care kit then you must use the Dry & Dehydrated Kit by Earth Rythm. This kit contains a face wash, a face serum, and a face moisturizer. 

The best part about these products is it is science-backed, clinically tested, cruelty-free, carbon-neutral, & phthalate-free. 

Now, let’s have a look at why Earth Rythm’s products are elite for dry skin people.

  1. RESTORE – HYDRATING CREAM CLEANSER: This cleanser contains 6 essential Ceramide complexes & Hyaluronic acid, which is very important for dry skin. As we have previously discussed at the beginning, phytoceramide is marvelous for dry skin. This is why it is the pre-eminent dry skin cleanser available in the market. It will make your skin healthier, and leave it soft, supple and smooth. This cleanser has a creamy texture and doesn’t make your skin further dry after usage. This is a dermatologically tested product and non-allergic to skin. Use this facewash twice a day to get better results. 
  1. Moisture Punch Serum: One of the greatest benefits of using this serum is it has Molecular Hyaluronic Acid Serum which greatly helps to hydrate skin. Hyaluronic acid also helps to heal wounds, smoothen skin texture, has anti-ageing properties that are making it an excellent dry skin serum. After cleansing your face with the facewash apply the serum all over your face and let it absorb into your skin.
  1. PHYTO-REPAIR, ADVANCED CELL REPAIR MOISTURISER: It is the finest dry skin moisturizer that contains phytoceramide as the main ingredient which contributes hugely to moisturizing skin, reducing fine lines, etc. It is the go-to moisturizer to replenish your dry skin. The last step is to use this moisturizer after the serum absorbs into your skin properly. 

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