May 19, 2022

7 day disappearing messages – In Whatsapp

Earlier this month, WhatsApp announced on its FAQ page that it would soon be launching a fun feature called ‘Disappearing Messages‘ for its users. Even the beta version of WhatsApp at that time had some updates regarding the ‘Disappearing Messages’ feature. However, the company, which owns Facebook, officially announced yesterday that the much-awaited feature will be available to all users within this month. According to the report, Android, iOS and Linux-based iOS, users of all platforms will be able to use WhatsApp disappearing messages.

How will this Disappearing Feature work

Normal chats or group chats will automatically disappear after seven days if the ‘Disappearing Messages’ option is turned on, according to the report. Users can enable or disable the option at any time, and save chat text messages or media files for a specified period of time. For now, if this feature is turned on, there will be a time limit of 7 days for the message to be automatically deleted, users will not have any option to set or customize the time as they wish.

Please note that this feature is not valid for all chats that took place before the feature was available. Also, if new messages are forwarded, the forwarded messages will not disappear at the specified time. Again, if the user backs up the chat before the message is deleted, the messages will remain. On the other hand, if a user sends you a ‘disappearing message’, if you reply to it and if you do not have the disappearing option on, the message you sent may remain after 7 days.

How to use Whatsapp “Disappearing” feature

Once the feature is available, any WhatsApp chat needs to be opened first to turn on or off the ‘Disappearing Message’. Then tap on the username to see the ‘Disappearing messages’ option. From there the feature can be turned on and off by clicking on the ‘Continue’ option.

Incidentally, it was learned last night that UPI payment can be made in the coming days without chat or calling on WhatsApp as the central agency NPCI has given the green signal. As a result, even if you do not have any other application installed on the phone for digital payment. So, there is no doubt that WhatsApp is hitting sixes!

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