May 17, 2022
online financial fraud helpline

GOI Set up Helpline for Online financial fraud

Gone are the days for queuing up in front of bank branches for banking transaction or any financial work. Nowadays we do Banking online. But the facility of this service is also less difficulty. Rose is increasing with scales, cyber crime events. In that case, no matter how many people are alert about these fraud, criminals have become so desperate that they are always working on their own work. As a result, bank customers are being deceived even after adopting different types of precautions. Therefore, the Indian government has launched a new Emergency Helpline number to eliminate the events of net banking and other online financial fraud.

What is this emergency helpline number for online financial fraud?

In November 2020, in November 2020, the Indian Cyber ​​Crime Coordination Center and the Central Interior Ministry was launched in November 2020, the 155260 emergency helpline number was launched. Customers can contact this number to complain about any incident related to cyber fraud. It will work like a number 112, but its effectiveness will be faster. In that case, this number is currently available for residents of Delhi and Rajasthan. But soon people in other states can enjoy the service.

How will this emergency helpline number for Online financial fraud?

  1. To stop the events of cyber crime or banking fraud, bank organizations are aware of their customers to advertise on SMS or various OTT platforms. In that case, there are many subscribers who do not take the matter with a lot and later victims of fraud. In that case, such cheated customers will first call the helpline guided by the police officer.
  2. If the period of fraud is passed 24 hours 24 hours, then the victim will be asked to file a complaint related to the National Cyber ​​Crime Reporting portal to the helpline.
  3. And if the fraud occurs within 24 hours, then the helpline operator will fill a form from its personal information and details of its personal information and crime details from the victims.
  4. If this information is reached in Financial Intermediary or FIANCIAL Intermediary) or FI organization, a ticket will be given to be deceived.
  5. Then, this fraudulent transaction ticket will be seen on both dashboards of the Debited FI (sufferers of the victim) and the money has been cut off) and credited FI (the criminal account or wallet, where money has been deposited).
  6. The details of fraudulent transactions will be tested by the bank or the wallet that has been submitted to the ticket.
  7. If the money is already gone to the criminal account or wallet, then the transaction information will be shown in the portal and it will be transferred to the next FI institution.
  8. If the transaction fund is not available, it will be kept temporarily in the hold.
  9. In this case, the fund is turned on, until it is temporarily kept in hold in hold or completes it from the Digital Ecosystem, including ATM withdrawal, with ATM Institution, there are withdrawal and utility options.

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