May 19, 2022
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Protective Foods – definition , classification & function

Definition: The food ingredients that are capable of providing us protection against dieases and degeneration are called Protective Foods.

It is quite familiar that the protection against diseases and various degenerations comes from within our own body. There are unique biochemical processes and internal defenses that gives us protection against dreaded diseases and infections.

We live in a sea of micro-organisms starting from dust on our dsk to the pillow we sleep. It can be even the water you bathe and the favorite outdoor sports you play , you are exposed to harmful bacteria and viruses.

Our Body is made up of various lines of defenses like skin, gut, white blood cells, lymph nodes etc that act as a layer of protection to the external and internal enemies.

The Protective Food or Foods are able to keep these lines of defenses of our body intact and healthy to fight any external microbes and viruses.

The Protective Food thus helps us to get protection against various diseases.

Among the various types of Foods we consume on daily basis there are 3 classes of Food:

  1. Body Building Food
  2. Energy Giving Food
  3. Protective Food

The Protective Food or Foods prevents use from falling sick and maintains healthy state of Body.

What are Protective Foods:

There 2 types of Protective Foods that are required in small quantities yet on regular basis. Those are :

  1. Animal Origin and b) Plant Origin

The Animal Origin Protective Foods are:

  • Milk ,Butter ,Cheese , Eggs, Herrings, Salmon, Liver,

The plant origin Protective Food examples are:

  • Potatoes, Green veggies, Ripe sweet and sour fruits like  Mango, Orange , lemon , carrot, tomato, strawberry , cherry, lettuce, celery, spinach, cabbage, beans, carrot, Beet, wheatgerm

The Protective Foods are rich in Minerals and Vitamins that are the main reasons for extended protections. Minerals like Magnesium, potassium , vitamins like : A,D, E, K are vital for our Protection against Diseases .

The protective foods contain edible fiber, carotenoids, anti-oxidants , vitamins that are required in the synthesis of vital molecules for our body defenses. Adequate Protective Foods help to prevent us from deadly viruses like Covid-Sars, HIV and Aids.

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