May 19, 2022
Why You should use Vitamin C Serum for your Skin? This article will help you understand the goodness of Vitamin C serum

Why You should use Vitamin C Serum for your Skin?

Vitamin C serums are popular for a reason – they really work! Vitamin C serums have a high concentration of vitamin C which is why they are the most loved and most commonly used method of delivering vitamin C to your skin. If you incorporate vitamin c serum into your skincare routine, you’ll be amazed at how well it works in preventing free radical damage, reducing pigmentation from sun spots, improving elasticity and more.

How does Vitamin C Serum helps you?

Vitamin C acts as an potent antioxidant. For those who aren’t aware, antioxidants neutralize free radicals that accumulate in our bodies through exposure to environmental toxins such as cigarette smoke or pollution. Free radicals damage the dermis (the skin tissue that gives your skin its elasticity and strength), moisture barrier, cell functioning, and the skin’s texture and colour. Vitamin C is an antioxidant that attacks and neutralizes these free radicals and protects the skin against environmental aggressors.  When vitamin c serum is applied on skin it can help in the production of collagen, the high concentration of this Vitamin C present in vitamin C serum penetrates into deep layer of dermis and helps to repair skin tissues.

The secret power of Vitamin C

Vitamin C plays a crucial role in the collagen synthesis of your body. Collagen makes up about 80% of your skin and vitamin C helps to build new collagen as vitamin c serum penetrates deep into the skin. It can also fade dark spots on face caused by sun exposure, hyper pigmentation etc. Vitamin C serum helps to reduce fine lines and wrinkles .

Vitamin c serum comes with numerous benefits, so start applying vitamin C serum daily for healthy glowing skin. For best results it is recommended using vitamin c serum along with other products like a moisturizing face cream or a body lotion.

Vitamin C acts as a Brightening agent that improves the appearance of dull skin by giving you a more even and bright complexion with a natural “glow from within” look. It minimizes the appearance of dark age spots, freckles and sun damage by lightening skin color. Vitamin C serum also helps to reduce redness caused by sunburn or sensitive skin by calming the skin. vitamin C has strong antioxidant properties that help to protect your skin from free radical damage which can result in premature aging of the skin. Vitamin C inhibits the pathway of abnormal production of skin pigments (melanin) to even out the skin tone and lightens dark spots, sun spots, acne scars, blemishes, and hyperpigmentation due to melasma.

When properly applied directly, Vitamin C is effective but its overall benefits are reduced if it is exposed to air for a long period of time due to it being an unstable ingredient over time. So keep your vitamin C Serum away from Sun and open air.

 It is an effective antioxidant that helps to protect skin from harmful free radicals. vitamin  C has been shown to be able to regenerate vitamin E, a powerful antioxidant found in your body, without any side effect.

When vitamin C reacts with vitamin E, it boosts its effectiveness by 3 times!

A high dose vitamin c serum will minimize the appearance of pores and fine lines due to its ability to tighten the connective tissue in the skin. It also promotes collagen formation which gives your skin a plumper and more supple appearance.

But there’s one catch – vitamin c serums do not work overnight . Expecting instant results would lead you to disappointment as they take time for their effects to be seen; hence it is important for you to use them continuously without a long gap.

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