May 17, 2022
Safest baby Wipes 99% Pure

99% Pure & Safe Organic Baby Wipes

The wipes are of immense use during the Primary stages of a Baby. Baby wipes are a blessing to mothers who take extra care for their babies. Wipes are made of cotton or mixed fabric that contains organic or cosmetic ingredients to keep skin moist and healthy.

Your Baby’s skin is more sensitive than adults. Their skin is not that thick that it will retain moisture. Rather Babies skin tend to dehydrate easily. So you need to use a wipe that has lot of moisture in it. When your Baby does pee or craps , these wipes are of immense use to clean them properly. For maintaining a proper hygienic environment , baby wipes are a real savior.

The Baby wipes should have the following characteristics in order to make them Safe

  • Contains no Harmful cosmetic ingredients
  • Recommended by Dermatologists
  • No artificial smell or color
  • Thicker than regular Wipes and help reduce rashes due to diaper use
  • Non- Allergic and may contain bio-degradable preservative for better store life
  • Exfoliates Skin & has Anti-oxidant properties.

We hereby suggest you to have a look at the Best You can get now.

99 wipe
  • These wipes are made of plant derived cotton. no artificial Fibers are used.
  • Thee wipes are 3X times thicker than regular wipes.
  • These wipes retain a lot of water and has bio-degradable preservative , no harm to baby Skin.
  • These are Dermatologist recommended.

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