May 17, 2022

Herbal Skin Care Kits at 30% Off for Women & Babies

Welcome !! Today we will be discussing some very important Skin , Body & Baby Care kits that will serve your needs for a complete skin care regime. We know in the modern world we are facing so many types of skin care problems that cannot be solved with a single cream or product.

Skin care experts tell you to try home-made DIY products that can really help you recover from your Skin care problems . But due to lack of time , we are not able to use those home-made DIY skin care kits. We ran a survey and saw that 45% women said they do not have time for complete home care solutions. 20% said they sometimes use the DIY skin care regime. Yet they prefer some good quality herbal products .

Today we bring you some very good Skin Care Products as per your skin and hair problems and also the treatment regime.

These Skin Care Kits are preselected depending on the skin care problems you are facing. These are 100% Herbal & the greatest fact is that they are being offered at a whooping 30% discount. Try any of these kits if you find them useful or you can buy a single product from their online store if you are the first time buyer. These products are:

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Derma-Tested Baby Skin Care Kit

Baby Skin care kit
Baby Skin Care Kit

Make your baby’s skincare extra gentle with our Derma-Tested Baby Skin Care Kit. Perfect for babies and children of all ages, this must-have bundle features all of the essentials, including our India’s 1st 99% Pure Water Baby Wipes, Plant Powered Baby Shampoo, Body wash, Lotion & Diaper Rash Cream and even includes a sturdy blue denim bag for keeping all of baby’s essentials organized!
Our wipes gently cleanse your baby’s delicate scalp and sensitive skin with our Plant Powered Baby Shampoo and nourishing body wash. Our body lotion hydrates and nourishes delicate skin leaving it soft and smooth which Diaper Rash Cream helps relieve rashes & soothes baby’s irritated skin.

  • Plant Powered Natural Baby Lotion(200 ml)
  • Plant Powered Natural Baby Wash(200 ml)
  • Plant Powered Natural Baby Shampoo(200ml)
  • Plant Powered Diaper Rash Cream(50g)
  • 99% Pure Water Unscented Baby Wipes(72 pcs)
  • Free Denim Bag worth Rs. 599

Ginger & Neem Anti-Dandruff Kit For Dandruff & Itchy Scalp

ginger neem anti dandruff kit
Ginger & neem Anti-Dandruff Kit

Mother Sparsh’s Ginger & Neem Anti-dandruff Kit for dandruff & itchy scalp is enriched with Ayurvedic herbs & essential oils, known to hydrate hair & scalp to relieve dandruff and environmental damage by stimulating the hair follicles for improved hair health. Used for centuries these Pure Ayurvedic ingredients used in Mother Sparsh’s Ginger & Neem Hair Oil are proven for their rich moisturizing as well as deep nourishment properties that relieve dry itchy scalp. Neem oil for hair is an effective antibacterial that fights dandruff. The therapeutic properties of Ginger & Neem Anti-dandruff lep work wonders on dull, itchy, and dandruff-prone hair, resulting in effectively diminishing dandruff, killing fungal growth & promoting healthy scalp & hair. The gentle anti-dandruff formulation of Ginger & Neem Hair Cleanser cleanses away excess oil and dirt while preserving hair’s natural moisture balance leaving your tresses cleansed, refreshed & dandruff-free!

This Kit contains :

  • Neem – Ginger Hair Lep
  • Neem – Ginger anti dandruff oil
  • Neem -Ginger Hair Cleanser

Turmeric Healing Kit For Hyperpigmentation, Dark Spots & A Radiant Complexion

Turmeric kit for hyper pigmentation
Herbal Hyper-pigmentation Kit
  • Turmeric Healing Face Wash targets blemishes, dark spots & supports healthy cell renewal
  • Turmeric Healing Face Ubtan sloughs away dead skin cells, treats blemishes & unveils a luminance glow
  • Turmeric Healing Night Beauty Balm treats hyperpigmentation & fades dark spots & imparts a radiant complexion
  • Turmeric Healing Day Cream enhances skin resiliency & shields the skin from UV Rays

This Kit contains:

  • Turmeric Healing Face Wash (100ml)
  • Turmeric Healing Day Cream (40gm)
  • Turmeric Healing Night Beauty Balm (40gm)
  • Turmeric Healing Face Ubtan (75gm)
  • Free Bag worth Rs. 349/-

Intense Hair Treatment Kit With Dashmool Hair Lep, 30 Herbs Hair Oil, Jabapushp Hair Cleanser & Jabapushp Hair Conditioner

Intense Hair Treatment Kit
Hair Treatment Kit for Hair-fall, Greying, Dry scalp, Dandruff

This intense hair pack has all the ingredients that will take care of your Hair Problems.

Age-old Ayurvedic Home Remedy passed down through generations to control hair fall,dandruff & give your hair an intense herbal treatment

30 Herbs Hair Oil is crafted with over 30 herbs & oils which stimulates scalp & nourishes hair

Dashmool Hair Lep is blend of ayurvedic ingredients like dashamoola, triphala, methi, curry leaves for healthy hair & scalp

Jabapushp Hair Cleanser & Conditioner, a remedial duo that cleanses, hydrates and enhances hair vitality

This Kit Contains

  • Dashmool Hair Lep (100 g)
  • 30 Herbs Hair Oil (200 ml)
  • Jabapushp Hair Cleanser (200 ml)
  • Jabapushp Hair Conditioner (200 ml)
  • Free Denim Bag Worth Rs. 599

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