May 19, 2022

What Causes Sunburn? How to Avoid it and best treatments of Sunburn.

What Causes Sunburn How to Avoid it and best treatments of Sunburn.

Sunburn is a common problem for everyone nowadays. We are all exposed to the uv rays of the sun whenever we step out. Well who doesn’t like to get a warm sun bath while chilling in the balcony. But unfortunately we cannot stand that for much longer period of time. Near about in one third of the population , adults get affected due to sunburn. 70% among the children are also suffering sun damages. Its because our skin tends to burns due to excessive heat and itches, becoming red hot in colour.

What is the difference between a sunburn and tan?

Most of the times we tend to make a common mistake. We think that sunburns and suntans are the same thing. But they are both different from each other.

We all have a component in our body known as melanin. It is responsible for the color that we have in our skin. When someone is under constant exposure of sun rays, he is sure to get a sunburn. For a fairer skinned person, they tend to capture the sunburn in no less than 15 minutes. And because of inadequate amount of melanin present in their body, they get to acquire maximum damage from sun. But when the skin is already damaged, then the body is capable of making more amount of melanin. And this melanin protects our skin from any further damage. Thus this extra melanin makes our skin look more darker and thereby causing a suntan. Sun tan can be cured using various aloe gel products. Even there is a wide range of face packs and face masks to remove face tans. And in case of sunburn, there are natural and medical treatments available and discussed in detail below.

What Causes Sun Burn?

The UVA and UVB rays reaches the earth’s surface and tends to get into our skin whenever we step out of our house. These are the radiations for which our skin burns and we get exposed to sunburn. But anyways the UVC doesn’t get a chance to enter the earth and hence it doesn’t affect us.

Symptoms of sunburn

Firstly, whenever we get a sunburn on skin , the burned area turns red and that really hurts. In case of severe burning, we often tend to develop sunburn blisters. These sunburn blisters are very painful and causes irritation as well. Sunburn on skin and sunburn in faces is also a common symptom . There are even such instances when people develop skin cancer and other diseases due to sunburn on skin and face. Surburn on hands and sunburn on forehead is equally a problem and needs to be taken care of. Whereas sunburn on lips makes it turn black and also problematic to some extent. There are some lip treatment gels available in the market.

How to prevent sunburn?

There are several ways for treating sunburn. There are home remedies for sunburn as well as chemical and clinical treatments depending on the seriousness of it. These are home remedies which you can use to treat sunburn-

1)Compresses – After you take your usual bath , you can gently tap water on your skin or even some ice and leave it a little hydrated. Then apply a moisturizer which will eventually trap the water on the skin and provide you instant relief.

2) You can particularly use a moisturiser that contains aloe vera. Like if you feel that a particular area of your face or skin has got burnt or reddish, you can simply use it.

3) For reducing swelling, redness and discomfort, you can also prefer taking aspirin(though physicians advice is recommended).

4) Drinking lots of water actually helps to keep your skin hydrated and reducing discomfort.

5) In case of sunburn blisters, you must allow the blisters to heal in the first place. Because when you develop blisters, it means that it is a second degree burn and immediately needs medical assistance. Burn creams can be a saviour in such cases.

6) Methanol and camphor containing creams and gels are also useful. If you refrigerate the cream before applying, it will help you to heal even better.

7) Avoid the sun until your body heals. You may have the following symptoms if you get sunburn:

  • Fever of 102 degree or more.
  • Pain in body and joints.
  • Sunburn blisters all over the body causing immense pain.
  • Chills, dry mouth, dehydration, reduced urination, restlessness and dizziness.

How to avoid getting sunburn?

Sunburns can be avoided in the following ways-

Use Sunscreen- We all must get into the habit of using sunscreen whenever we step outside. We should apply suncreen atleast on the exposed portion of the body at the earliest. Sunscreen provides us protection from both UVA and UVB rays. The sunscreen that we are using must contain sun protection factor (spf) of at least 30 . 

The steps you need to follow before applying the sunscreen-

  • Apply daily 30 minutes prior going out of the house .
  • We should even use it on cloudy days as the uv rays can penetrate the clouds.
  • While you are swimming or doing some activity and sweating, apply the sunscreen in every two hours. This will ensure better action of the cream in your body.

2) Use broad spectrum sunglasses to prevent sunburn on face and for eyes.

3) Apply sunburn sunscreen lotion all over the skin that are exposed including the ears, neck, lips and tops of the feet.

4) Sunburn skin creams are also available. Use it daily for better protection.

5 Best sunburn treatment at home

  • Some dairy products like cold milk and yogurt is a proven method for sunburn treatment. Take a clean cloth and compress it with either milk of yogurt on the burn surface. It provides relief and helps to heal from sunburn.
  • Take a cold shower whenever you feel a little dizzy due to the constant exposure from the sun. A good bath always makes you feel fresh and enthusiastic after a long day. Apply a sunburn cream as it absorbs the moisture and keeps you hydrated.
  • Sun burn remedies also include aloe vera, which works amazingly as a sunburn cure. Slathering some aloe on the burned area provides a cooling effect on the skin.

Oatmeal bath is another home remedy for sunburn. Grind a cup of unflavoured oatmeal and add two cups of water. Now use it while taking bath and soak for about 20 minutes.